About SmartDiag

We provide AI powered remote diagnoses

Our solution based on the combination between AI and human expertise provides healthcare professionals the ability to speed up and improve their diagnostic capabilities by helping to extract clinically-relevant insights from the wealth of information available.
We provide weekend/night coverage to your ER, Imaging Center, or urgent care clinic.

  • Remote Diagnoses

    Hospitals in regions facing a shortage of radiologists will be able to access to InnoDeep's network of radiologists via Cloud services including data augmentation and AI first classification.

  • Powered by AI

    We use the power of AI to help diagnose diseases at their early stage, speed up and reduce costs and democratize healthcare.

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Secure PACS radiology solution

  • Data are highly protected
  • Fast image uploading
  • SaaS via Cloud

Artificial Intelligence

  • GPU-accelerated libraries for computing, graphics and AI
  • Training on a Souverain Cloud
  • Visualization capabilities to monitor progress and view results

Radiologists Network

  • Offering medical imaging and radiology services including x-ray, PET, CT, MRI, ect
  • Patients met with a radiologist to get more informations
  • Near real time diagnostic, short digital report provided within 30 minutes

AI backed Teleradiology Reporting

Reduce your turnaround time with instant data augmentation and image analysis and single-click report generation.

We provide digital reports, we use AI to prepare a preliminary report with appropriate text and key images bringing further efficiency to the reporting process. AI reports will be validated by our radiologist and or physician partner.
Digital reports provided by our radiologists partners are electronically signed. Hospital and pateins can also get direct meet with Doctors via InnoDeep Cloud platform.
Medical records and personal health data including images are highly protected.
You-Pay-As-You-Go with cost and financial real-time dashboard for hospital and radiology center.

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