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We are providing a new way for healthcare diagnosis

InnoDeep uses Deep Learning to help radiologists to increase accuracy and speed up diagnosis. Remote technology to reduce time and cost.
A 3D reconstruction which plays a key role in preoperative evaluation of tumours. It is useful in evaluating the long-term efficacy of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

High precision 98%
Reliability 99%
Affordable 90%

We provide exactly what healthcare professionals need

Augmenting Doctors and healthcare professionals with the power of Deep Learning.
We provide the powerful computer-aided diagnosis tool to detect tumors in radiography.

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Remote diagnosis

A great number of countries all over the world are faced with shortage of radiologists, resulting in increased waiting time and delayed diagnosis. African countries, in particular, suffer from lack of radiologists; As a result, women continue to be deprived of basic breast cancer diagnosis.
At InnoDeep, we are engaged in providing remote technology and AI combined with radiologist expertise to reduce diagnosis time, cost and also to improve healthcare services


3D reconstruction

Three-dimensional imaging and measurements to evaluate tumour. Virtual Reality Helps doctors to better understand tumor anatomy. Thanks to 3D immersion, the tumour can be studied in detail and from all angles. All this will increase the understanding of cancer and hallow precise surgery and safe tumor removal.



Digital e-reporting, the web-based Individual diagnosis reporting provides a full and comprehensive dashboard about diagnostic imaging results.


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InnoDeep: better cancer detection thanks to 3D imaging



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New York Post

A web-based platform that can scan lung X-rays and determine whether a patient has the deadly infection.



It is hoped that this innovative application and others might lessen the burden on Tunisian hospitals when treating patients of the pandemic, and lung cancer, alike.


TV5 Monde

Dans les nouvelles de chaine TV5 Monde. L'IA et leo Covid-19



Using artificial intelligence to help hospitals across Africa that are located in remote areas with limited resources to detect diseases like cancer

Most frequently answers and Questions

Does InnoDeep want to replace Doctors ?

No, InnoDeep is an augmented intelligence platform to assist and support doctors to perform faster and more precise diagnosis.

Is my health data protected ?

Data protection strategy is vital for InnoDeep to secure the privacy, availability, and integrity of your data.

How dose it work ?

Cloud based Augmented Intelligence platform which allows:
Remote diagnosis.
Follow-up and e reporting.
Hybrid solution for cancer early detection.
Quantitively monitoring for cancer (3D).
Collaborative platform